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About Us

Modern Security & Monitoring Solutions have been a leading provider of reliable solutions for remote monitoring, control, automation and management on both land and at sea for more than 10 years.

Their solutions enable organisations around the world to reduce total cost of ownership of disparate devices by delivering innovative remote management capabilities to them over a wide range of communications including 3G/4G, fixed and mobile satellite.

Offered with a wide range of physical appliances including fixed and portable, these diverse solutions support a broad range of remote applications, including asset management and protection, counterterror, regulatory compliance, situation awareness, operational efficiency improvement, inspection, telehealth, and remote technical assistance.

Solutions for Energy, Maritime, Government and Corporate customers are deployed via a global certified solutions provider channel and backed by years of project consulting and deployment experience.

Headquartered in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, Modern Security & Monitoring Solutions are a global distributor for AFIANT Technologies’ software platform.

What We Offer

We provide bespoke solutions based on the AFIANT software platform to meet the needs of diverse application needs which typically include remote monitoring, control, automation and management or remote devices with disparate technologies.

Our solutions are typically deployed in environments where end user customers need high levels of reliability, high quality video and low power consumption.

We also provide consultancy and custom research and development in order to ensure that the solution delivers the maximum benefit, protection and efficiency possible in order to provide a low total cost of ownership.

Our Certified Solution Delivery Partners

Our solutions are sold through distributors, certified solutions providers, resellers, systems integrators and IT solutions providers around the globe. Please contact us to find your local supplier or if you are interested in becoming a new partner then please visit our Partner Application page.

Why Us?

Our whole solution philosophy is based on low maintenance, high reliability and quality. The AFIANT software platform have been developed with this in mind from the powerful architecture, our choice of quality components through to our final solution quality testing and implementation.

We provide a comprehensive customer care package with agreed service level agreements (SLA's).

We realise the importance of critical monitoring and have from our first customer have been providing our customers with an unpresendented level of service which is designed to keep their solution up and running with a maximum up time.

Some of our early customers have been using our solutions for 6-7 years working 24/7 without a single interruption to operation.

Our platform approach is different, our solutions have evolved over more than
10 years of customer input with reliability being their primary goal.


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