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AFIANT Network Video Management System
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Network Based Security

For many years security has been based on proprietary technologies. These technologies were quite often many years behind the IT world. Network based security brings together the best from the world of Information Technology with the best security practises and products. Most corporations rely on a network for their business. Most companies would have a very high uptime for their network as it is critical to their business. It therefore makes sense to have the security also running on a network which also means that the security is now brought to live and can for the first time be proactive with the outside world.

Motion JPEG

One of the industry standards for many years. Proven in the document management industry to be a great resource for high resolution and quality. This has become the standard of choice for many of the industries leaders when it comes to recording information to be used as evidence.

Network Cameras

Analogue cameras have been around for many years. While there is a vast selection of analogue cameras on the markplace today, when it comes to digital video a good quality network camera wil provide a better digital image. Network cameras can also provide remote configuration of the quality of the video, analogue cameras require and engineer to go on site with test equipment to change the setup of a camera.



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