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Security Overview - Access Control


Biometric is becoming more popular in access control due to its ease of use, higher security and no ongoing costs like some card systems. It is highly accurate but is further enhanced when used also in combination with a secondary authentication method. Remote Entrance Management can manage the situation should there be an occurrence of authentication failure.


The good old fashioned numeric keypad is here to stay at least for the foreseeable future. Of course it is not very secure as security codes can easily be passed inside or outside an organization. It would operate more efficiently when used in conjunction with another more secure means of access control.

Magnetic Card

A magnetic card works with an electronic or electromechanical device to replace or supplement mechanical key access to a building or an area within a building. Of course cards can get lost which then causes extra work in terms of the whole issuing procedure and will also incur ongoing charges.

Proximity Card

The fastest growing technology for card access control applications. The proximity technology reader constantly transmits a low-level fixed radio signal that provides energy to the card. When the card is held at a certain distance from the reader, the radio signal is absorbed by a small coil inside the card and powers up the card's microchip, which contains a unique identification code. Once powered, the card transmits the code to the reader. Access is completed in microseconds. Proximity readers do not have any moving parts, which mean they are virtually maintenance free.

Access Control


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