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Security Overview - Biometric

There are many types of Biometric Technologies which can be deployed for authentication applications. Each type will have varying degrees of accuracy and processing time but whatever the arguments for and against it, this technology will certainly remain in the security marketplace now and in the future.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is usually software based and analyses the features of people’s faces from digital video or images. It is one of the fastest growing Biometric technologies being deployed today and can assist with forensic evidence and also the identification of people in a crowd. Examples of applications could be Airports or Sports Stadiums where large numbers of people congregate or indeed anywhere where a security threat exists.

Fingerprint Recognition

Probably the most commonly used and cost effective Biometric technology on the marketplace today. It has been used in various forms of security for many years and is now becoming quite an important part of access control. Provides much higher security than many other access control technologies and does not have any ongoing costs, unlike those solutions based on card technology.

Iris Recognition

Iris Recognition is now being adopted by many Government Institutions and Airports around the world. The technology is very accurate and fast but one of the largest drawbacks is there are only a small number of manufacturers of hardware implementing this technology. We believe that this will change over time. One thing to note is this form of access control is not as expensive as one may assume. .

Signature Recognition

Signature Recognition has been used in the Document Management and Financial Industries for a large number of years. It is not very accurate but quite useful when used as a complimentary security methods at the same time.

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition is already being used for many applications outside the security industry, for example answering systems automation. We are sure that we will see this technology being used more often in the future, for example to assist in authentication within the banking environment.


Biometric Security


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