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AFIANT Network Video Management System
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AFIANT Network Video Recorder Overview

The AFIANT Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a complete solution for the management of a surveillance network. It seamlessly integrates into new and existing infrastructures providing high quality video and remote management from any PC, anywhere in the world.

AFIANT Network Video Recorder System Architecture

The AFIANT Network Video Recorder connects to any TCP/IP network infrastructure (LAN, WAN etc) to manage cameras, video servers and other network attached security devices. The AFIANT provides multi-platform software for the complete viewing, playback and control on any PC workstation over the network.

AFIANT Architecture


Integrated into the AFIANT NVR is military strength encryption providing secure remote login and data transmission over a network. This guarantees confidentiality and integrity of video and prevents unauthorised access and modification.


The AFIANT is an autonomous, network attached device. Unlike traditional digital video recorders (DVRs) this allows the AFIANT to be physically secured anywhere with a network connection, preventing tampering, removal or accidental damage.


All of the AFIANT components have been rigorously tested and certified, ensuring reliable operation and long service. It runs the Linux operating system to achieve maximum security and reliability.


From a small home owner to a large corporation, the AFIANT scales gracefully to meet the demand. Peer-to-peer technology allows multiple AFIANT systems to work together, and enables additional AFIANT systems to be added as required.

AFIANT Network Video Recorder User Interface

Ease of use

The AFIANT software is powerful, yet simple and intuitive. It runs under a web browser, proving complete control of all functions from any PC with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world. It also boasts cross platform support including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux.
AFIANT Live View Screenshot

High Quality Video

The highest quality video is delivered in real time using the popular Motion JPEG or MPEG-4 formats. The software also allows archived video to be instantly accessed and replayed from any computer.
AFIANT Timeline Screenshot

Digital Storage

All surveillance media is stored digitally offering much higher quality, larger storage capacities and enhanced searching capabilities over older cassette tape based system.

Future proof

All AFIANT systems can be updated remotely, allowing new drivers and software features to be deployed quickly and easily to existing installations. Support for new cameras can be added in this way, future proofing the AFIANT by ensuring compatibility with new cameras as they are released.


Architecturally the AFIANT is built around open, proven industry standards to provide tight integration into third party systems. Popular standards such as Motion JPEG, MPEG-4, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SSL, RTP and RTSP are implemented.

AFIANT Supported Cameras and Video Servers

The AFIANT Series Network Video Recorders support analogue and IP network cameras from major manufacturers, including:
  • Axis
  • Canon
  • Mobotix
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Vivotek
Suppports camera manufacturers

System Architecture
User Interface
Cameras and Video Servers


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