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Digital Security Solutions are based on computer hardware and software. There are very high volume items with fewer moving parts. There are also larger numbers of professionals available with in depth knowledge and training on the technology. Typically legacy system components have been produced in much lower volumes and use more moving parts and are therefore subject to wear and tear.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With volume produced components and fewer moving parts to wear, the move into a digital platform enables the solutions to be supported and maintained by Information Technology professionals using their higher levels of training associated with modern systems. It also allows most diagnostics and adjustments to be made remotely without the need for a site visit each time, thus reducing overall costs.

Constant Quality

Digital Security Solutions are very stable and reliable as a medium for data storage and do not have the degradation and loss of recording quality associated with VHS based recording. Our systems incorporate sealed heads that need no cleaning or maintenance to ensure correct video capture. A digital recording will deliver crystal clear pictures every time.

More Efficient

Without the need to change and replace VHS tapes, or having to clean the recording heads to ensure correct recording, a digital system becomes virtually a hands free operation, thus saving time and money. Just think no more recording problems associated with failing to carry out these tasks regularly.

Flexible Monitoring

Network cameras allow remote monitoring from anywhere in the world rather than having to rely on permanent in-house staff. Remote viewing and control means the operation can be run from almost any convenient location. In larger organizations this could reduce your operational expenditure by centralizing your security command and control.

Cost Effective Installation Costs

Installing a Digital Security Solution is usually much faster and has less impact on the building infrastructure it is going into. By utilising an Ethernet connection power to the camera and data from it can be provided by a single cable. The use of standard Cat 5 cable also eliminates running separate cables from each device to the host unit, a considerable cost and time saving measure.

Secure Security Solutions

With the use of data encryption our secure digital solution ensures the integrity and validity of your images, giving you the assurance that nothing has been compromised..



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