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AFIANT Network Video Management System
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AFIANT Supported Network Cameras and Network Video Servers

Manufacturers: Axis, Bosch, Canon, Intellinet, Lindix, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Sony , Vivotek


Axis 206 Axis 206
Axis 207 Axis 207
Axis 207MW Axis 207MW
Axis 207W Axis 207W
Axis 209FD Axis 209FD
Axis 209FD-R Axis 209FD-R
Axis 209MFD Axis 209MFD
Axis 210 Axis 210
Axis 210A Axis 210A
Axis 211 Axis 211
Axis 211A Axis 211A
Axis 211M Axis 211M
Axis 211A Axis 211W
Axis 212PTZ Axis 212PTZ
Axis 213PTZ Axis 213PTZ
Axis 214PTZ Axis 214PTZ
Axis 215PTZ Axis 215PTZ
AXis 216FD Axis 216FD
Axis 216FD-V Axis 216FD-V
Axis 216MFD Axis 216MFD
Axis 216MFD-V Axis 216MFD-V
Axis 221 Axis 221
Axis 223M Axis 223M
Axis 225FD Axis 225FD
Axis 231D+ Axis 231D+
Axis 232D+ Axis 232D+
Axis 233D Axis 233D
Axis 241S Axis 241S
Axis 241SA Axis 241SA
Axis 241Q Axis 241Q
Axis 243SA Axis 243SA
Axis 247S Axis 247S

Discontinued Axis Cameras

The following devices are supported by the AFIANT DVMS, although they are now discontinued by the manufacturer.

Axis 205 Axis 205
Axis 206M Axis 206M
Axis 206W Axis 206W
Axis 2100 Axis 2100
Axis 2110 Axis 2110
Axis 2120 Axis 2120
Axis 2130 Axis 2130
Axis 2401 Axis 2401
Axis 2420 Axis 2420


Bosch VideoJet 10 Bosch VideoJet 10


Canon VB-C50Fi Canon VB-C50Fi
Canon VB-C300 Canon VB-C50i
Canon VB-C300 Canon VB-C300


Intellinet 550710 Intellinet 550710
Intellinet 550703 Intellinet 550703


Linudix LWS-720 Linudix LWS-720
Linudix LWJ-330 Linudix LWJ-330


Mobotix M10 Mobotix M10
Mobotix_M22.shtml Mobotix M22


Panasonic BL-C1 Panasonic BL-C1
Panasonic BL-C10 Panasonic BL-C10
Panasonic BL-C20 Panasonic BL-C20
Panasonic HCM Panasonic HCM
Panasonic HCM Panasonic HCM
Panasonic HCM Panasonic HCM
Panasonic BL-C30 Panasonic BL-C30
Panasonic BL-C111 Panasonic BL-C111
Panasonic BL-C131 Panasonic BL-C131
Panasonic WV-NF284 Panasonic WV-NF284
Panasonic WV-NP240 Panasonic WV-NP240
Panasonic WV-NP1000 Panasonic WV-NP1000
Panasonic WV-NS202 Panasonic WV-NS202
Panasonic WV-NW484S Panasonic WV-NW484S
Panasonic WV-NW960 Panasonic WV-NW960


Pixord 120 Pixord 120
Pixord 126 Pixord 126
Pixord 200/206 Pixord 200/206
Pixord 205 Pixord 205


Sony SNC-CS3 Sony SNC-CS3
Sony SNC-CS10 Sony SNC-CS10
Sony SNC-CS11 Sony SNC-CS11
Sony SNC-CS50 Sony SNC-CS50
Sony SNC-P1 Sony SNC-P1
Sony SNC-P5 Sony SNC-P5
Sony SNC-DF40 Sony SNC-DF40
Sony SNC-DF40 Sony SNC-DF50
Sony SNC-DF70 Sony SNC-DF70
Sony SNC-DF80 Sony SNC-DF80
Sony SNC-RZ25 Sony SNC-RZ25
Sony SNC-RZ50 Sony SNC-RZ50
Sony SNC-Z20 Sony SNC-Z20
Sony SNC-RX530 Sony SNC-RX530
Sony SNC-RX530 Sony SNC-RX570


Vivotek IP7138 Vivotek IP7138
Vivotek IP7139 Vivotek IP7139
Vivotek VS7100 Vivotek VS7100
Vivotek IP7151 Vivotek IP7151
Vivotek IP7152 Vivotek IP7152
Vivotek FD7131 Vivotek FD7131
Vivotek IZ7151 Vivotek IZ7151



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