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AFIANT Network Video Management System
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Security Solutions for Clients in the Maritime marketplace:

Almost every vessel throughout the world has a requirement for quality and reliable network video management solutions.
Below are some of the types of maritime customers that can benefit from utilising our AFIANT Network Video Management Systems and some examples of how they are using our products.

Your Maritime premesis or vessel may have a requirement for some or all of these security methods and be sure to see how our AFIANT Network Video Management Systems can reliably and cost effectively implement these kinds of security measures in your maritime vessel and ensure that you have the best security available to protect all your assets, employees and customers.

• Shipyards • Oil Tankers
• Ferries • Ports and Harbours
• Marinas • Cruise Liners
• Luxury Yachts • Cargo Ships

Create a safety focused environment to ensure a high level of comfort:

• Know who is working on your site.
• Ensure Health & Safety requirements are being used.
• Record all deliveries to know when they are late or do not arrive.
• Protect all assets from theft and criminal damage.
• Monitor progress from multiple sites from one remote location
• Allow employees and contractors to feel safer.

Safely control the maritime assets needed for a productive shipping environment:

• Know when someone enters a secure/controlled area.
• Record loading and unloading for proof of shipping/delivery.

Oil Tankers
Ports and Harbours


Cargo Ships


Cruise Liners
Luxury Yachts


AFIANT Network Video Management System benefits for Maritime Customers

• Installed in less than 15 minutes as it is provided pre installed and only needs to be configured
• Provide high quality recorded video recorded for both analogue and network IP cameras
• Can be located in a secure location, does not require keyboard or monitor making it more difficult for them and evidence to be stolen
• Accurate motion based recording reduces finding recorded video by a factor of two compares with constant recording
• Motion based recording provides usually double the amount of recorded video than constant recording
• Customer Care Package provides a 24 hour hot swap replacement
• Investment protection as the recorders can be upgraded remotely with any patches and new camera drivers
• Receive remote notification anywhere in the world of activity in a place and at a time when you are not expecting it at the time when it happens and not the next day



Brochure Maritime Brochure

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Case Studies

Request an AFIANT Network Video Recorder Maritime Case Study
Request an AFIANT Network Video Recorder Maritime Case Study


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