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AFIANT Network Video Management System
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AFIANT Network Video Recorder Solutions

We are a world wide innovator in network video recorders (NVR's), and using our expertise and extensive experience we have developed the industry leading AFIANT NVR series. The AFIANT NVR offers much more than traditional digital video recorders (DVRs) by providing a security platform from which to manage surveillance networks.

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AFIANT Network Video Recorder Products

AFIANT Professional AFIANT Professional Network Video Recorder
Enterprise ready with rock solid stability and economy in mind, the AFIANT Professional will provide a video surveillance backbone across multiple locations.
AFIANT Retail AFIANT Retail Network Video Recorder
Whether you run a single shop or a chain of high street stores the AFIANT Retail belongs in the IT system of any successful retail operation.
AFIANT Mobile AFIANT Mobile Network Video Recorder
Small, rugged, vibration and shock resistant make the AFIANT Mobile ideal for use in moving vehicles and rapid deployment systems (RDS).
AFIANT PDA delivers live streaming audio and video to PDAs or cell phones.

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